Basketball was always the core sport on which Superbet built long-lasting and fruitful partnerships. Many were made throughout Superbet’s activity on the Romanian market, but the ones with Asesoft Ploiesti and CSM Steaua Bucuresti stand out as the most prolific, in my view. Of course, the results which the teams and the company were having in their own fields at the time of the partnerships had something to do with it, but in my case, the backbone of the success was the close relationship with Ionut. I did not have the chance to work with Ionut when he was Sports Director of Asesoft, but we worked very closely during his same tenure at CSM Steaua Bucuresti, while I was Marketing Manager at Superbet. Besides the friendship that we built while working together, what I cherished, respected, and relied on the most when working with Ionut was his passion for the sport, and fierce striving for breaking records. Out of his passion came out creativity, initiative, and unbelievable drive. There was never a lack of fresh new ideas with Ionut, nor the drive to implement them. Ideas fully respectful of the partnership, benefiting both sides equally. But more than that, I hold especially dear the CSR projects we did together, helping children from local communities develop healthy interests for education and physical activity. I was extremely happy with the collaboration Superbet had with Steaua, which is why it lasted till the very day Ionut left the team to further follow his ambitions of a great man of sports. Thank you, Ionut, for making me a better Marketing Manager in this journey we had, and for the friendship we are still having.